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Through the BSA program, we assist young men and women in skill development using the NRA basic fundamentals of marksmanship for the specific discipline being utilized: pistol, rifle, and shotgun.


We provide leadership for the Greater St. Louis Area Council Shooting Sports Committee by training Scout leaders to become NRA Certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers. Advantage also staffs the district and council shooting sports camps for Cubs, Scouts and Venturers as well as the Camporees and other shooting sports events throughout the Council, including the Eagle Scout Association’s annual Merit Badge Make-Up Day.


Merit Badge counseling is available in both Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting. Our trainers coach Scouts in earning these badges as well as the NRA Marksmanship Program and other youth programs.

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Youth Programs

Advantage Firearms Education & Training 

supports the Boy Scouts of America and the Greater St. Louis Area Council

with programs specifically designed for the youth of our community.

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