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Advantage Firearms Education & Training provides services throughout Missouri and the Midwest region.

All instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association,

along with other nationally or internationally accredited agencies.

Comments from people attending our courses.

"This is where the Pros go to re-certify!
I have been a law enforcement Firearms instructor since 2009. Advantage Firearms Education is where I go to get re-certified as required by the state. This is top quality instruction and is worthy of your consideration. You will learn from the best! And you WILL LEARN! Kevin is a fantastic instructor who is patient with the beginning shooters and entertaining to us veteran shooters. His class is full of practical, real world examples and experiences that everyone can relate to. His methods of teaching are relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable. As a fellow instructor, I am impressed with Kevin Cummins' knowledge of firearms but even more impressed with his ability to teach it. Anybody can learn to be safe with a firearm with Advantage Firearms Education!."

Rick - O'Fallon, Missouri

"Extremely well constructed course and presentation.  Various different materials to keep me learning and comfortable in the environment.  Had some bad experiences and was apprehensive.  Kevin's demeanor and superior knowledge, teaching style, and body language made me feel at ease.  I am no longer a victim or afraid.  I am in control; not the gun. Kevin class kept me engaged, interested.  The flow of the course with information and hands-on was great."

Angi - St. Charles, Missouri

"I took a concealed carry class with Kevin Cummins and was "blown away" by his detailed and thorough instruction. He offered more information than what is required for CC class on firearm training and the legality of having and using firearms. He is a phenomenal instructor and passionate about what he teaches and takes a "personal interest" in your success. 

He reads his students correctly and endeavors to make sure you get and understand what he is teaching. When you are done taking the class, you know you came to the right place for your CC instruction and are motivated to take more of his training.  

When it was time to qualify at the shooting range, his instruction on how to hold and sight the firearm, allowed me to hit 19 out of 20 of the shots I took in the center mass of the target!  Prior to this, I was a poor shot." 

Brad - Des Peres, Missouri

"Excellent course, well organized, worth every minute.  Would recommend to everyone at all skill levels.  I appreciate your communications style, methods and emails - very clear."

Joe - Creve Coeur, Missouri

"When looking for a CCW class, I searched the internet and AFET stood out.  After reading the reviews of the instructor, I drove 30 min. away to get the best training.  Kevin was great in teaching and very knowledgeable.  I enjoyed the class and would highly recommend"

Otis - Florissant, Missouri

"Great Training!  Kevin is a very knowledgeable teacher."

Paul - St. Louis, Missouri

"Kevin is not only an expert and extremely knowledgeable, his calm demeanor, presence, and encouraging behavior meant the world. Kevin not only processes the expertise and skills, he makes the topics relatable, encourages interactions and questions. This was one of the best courses I have ever attended to learn a new skill!!  Most of my previous experience was obtained by lecture and browsing through a book. Kevin's hands-on instructions enriched my learning as it reinforced what he has taught me throughout his course curriculum. I will recommend Kevin's course to everyone. You will not find a better mentor and instructor. I now understand my role in creating and maintaining a safe environment."

Ann - St. Charles, Missouri

"Very well done!  As an experienced gun owner, I learned a lot.  Really stressed the legal consequences of drawing and especially discharging a firearm.  Instructor was well prepared and informed."

Mike - Oakville, Missouri

"Kevin great job. I really enjoyed your personality and the way you conducted the training. It is a awesome learning experience and your effort in this is commendable. It’s a lot of work to put together such a comprehensive program. Can’t wait to go through your website.

You’ll definitely get a perfect evaluation from me and I mean it when I say it’s great to have such an excellent resource as yourself available.  

Jim - Washington, Missouri

"Let me say it was my pleasure to be in your class and be instructed by you. Not only enjoyable but so professional and educational. You are a top notch instructor. I was just so impressed with your wealth of knowledge and your teaching skills.  Your compassion for your students and material presented. Making sure everyone learned in the class.Hands on teaching and teamwork. I have to say you are the best instructor that I have had and I deeply appreciate this. I have already told 3 people and a chapter leader that you are the instructor for this class or any.  They asked me where I took it and who taught it. I told them you are going to teach this class again in July. You are a walking book on all. They are really wanting to take your class and your ears should be burning cause your name is just flowing out of everyone's mouth as the great instructor that you want for this class. It was an honor and is an honor to have you as my instructor. Thank you so much. You make students great teachers."

Vicki - Evansville, Indiana

"It was my pleasure to spend the day with you and your knowledge. I wish I had done this many years ago. My goal is to teach young shooters the fun of the sport, but most important, the safety that must be followed to keep everyone safe and happy. You did a great job and I found it very easy to talk to you.."

Bob - Maywood, Missouri

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for the excellent job you did yesterday.  I walked into that class extremely apprehensive about gun ownership and walked out feeling far more comfortable.  But what I appreciated more was the additional safety information you provided.  I think you provided a perfect combination of information to help people not only understand gun safety but personal safety as well.  I really enjoyed the class and can’t express enough how helpful it was. I know my family felt the same."

Jamie - Kirkwood, Missouri

"Kevin is such an awesome teacher! The class was extremely educating and SO interesting!  I could not believe how much information we covered in just a day. The law only requires a few hours of material, but Kevin goes above and beyond that and teaches so much more....he is very generous with his time and even offered to meet up with me when I need help purchasing a gun. I am fascinated with all of this and can't wait to take another class with him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a concealed carry trainer. When looking for a class, the first place I called said "it won't take 8 hours to go over should only be here for a few hours at the most". That concerned me and that's when I called Kevin and spoke with him...yes, he takes the entire 8 hours and teaches you things that will save your life. I'm so glad I made that second phone call and found him."

Danielle - Overland, Missouri

"Kevin and Gene gave an excellent informative class, I think it's very difficult to teach instructors how to be good instructors. Kevin has a very good informative straightforward presentation. He is more than willing to share and more importantly he admits that he also learns with his students. I look forward to my continued association with this very professional Master Instructor!!"

Pete - duQuoin, Illinois

"Great class!  Kevin is a well-versed, knowledgeable instructor!  I have a college degree, 16 years Army, and 20 years of law enforcement experience.  I know a good instructor from a bad one.....Kevin is excellent and I will be back!."

Dustin - Evening Shade, Arkansas

"Kevin Cummins is an outstanding instructor. He doesn't just provide the basics of concealed carry training to keep you and your family safe from deadly threatening situations, he shows real world examples of how quickly things change and prepares you to make the right legal and ethical decisions. His class goes above and beyond legal requirements to allow you to conceal carry but adds the real life examples of how to do your upmost to avoid using a concealed carry except where your or your family's life is threatened."

Mark - Town & Country, Missouri

"I am a female and I felt confident and comfortable taking this class . Kevin was very helpful during the whole process. He answered all my questions weeks prior to the class and after class!  I recommend this class to future shooters."

Lindsay - Mount Hope, Kansas

"Highly recommended. A practical, no-nonsense approach to training that leverages the students' existing knowledge, and efficiently covers large amounts of material in a short time.."

Michael - Fenton, Missouri

"Great class!  Kevin was very informative and kept class interesting. I took Kevin's NRA Rifle Instructor course. It was a great day full of learning. Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable and kept the class interesting as well as informative. I will definitely be back!"

Chief Wes - Cape GIrardeau, MIssouri

"Mr. Cummins taught a private course for us that was amazing!  He was able to take people who's firearm levels included some formal training, recreational shooters, and those who had literally shot only once before, and create a class that everyone could learn from. Not only did everyone learn something, we all enjoyed the professional and safe environment that Mr. Cummins created. Mr. Cummins was able to articulate his knowledge and his material in a manner that was both informative and engaging. You will definitely be more informed when you are finished with a class he has taught.."

Nick - Berryman, Missouri

"Kevin is very knowledgeable and is an excellent teacher.  He made this class enjoyable!  I appreciate the pace of the class and Kevin's patience with all of my questions."

Nancy - Webster Groves, Missouri

"As a female, I felt comfortable in the class.  I felt welcomed and included in all activities."

Lindsay - Terre Haute, Indiana

"Great course and instructor!  Very informative and thorough.  I learned a lot and feel much more confident."

Erin - Town & Country, Missouri

"Kevin is an excellent instructor! Very friendly and approachable, he has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and experience which makes his classes easy to understand and extremely informative."

Sean  - St. Louis, Missouri

"Some instructors can be intimidating -- not Kevin.  This class was better than expected!"

Stephanie - Terre Haure, Indiana

"Very good content and enjoyable too - time flew by.  Kevin is smart and presents a good program.  He is open to questions and explains everything well. Thanks for helping us and we look forward to you coming again in the future to keep us moving down the self protection highway."

Dr. John  - Town & Country, Missouri

"Excellent training. An extremely knowledgeable instructor with a practical no-nonsense approach. Treats the students as equals and leverages their preexisting knowledge to efficiently cover large amounts of material in reasonable time. Highly recommended."

Michael - Fenton, Missouri

"Kevin Cummings at Advantage FET was absolutely fantastic! Plus, he has a complete suit of armor (seriously, it was wonderful!). He's a fantastic instructor, a gracious host, and all-around good guy. Not only did he provide quality, engaging instruction, but he followed up later to ensure that my credentialing process completed on time. I would definitely recommend his classes to others, and plan on returning myself in the near future. I CANNOT say enough good things about him. You should book your class TODAY."

Karen - Paducah, Kentucky

"Excellent instruction by Mr. Cummins.  He provided critical information with a dynamic teaching style."

David - Ballwin, Missouri

"Kevin Cummings is an excellent instructor. I recently took an instructor certification course and was very pleased with the way he presented the class and kept it interesting. I highly recommend his class in whatever area of firearms instruction you may need."

Matthew - Wood River, Illinois

"Excellent Course! Kevin is a very knowledgeable instructor that brought a world of instruction and experience to the class."

Bryant - Indianapolis, Indiana

Kevin has provided police related training opportunities (i.e. firearms, OC-pepper spray) for officers of this agency.  He is always well prepared and addresses business situations in a competent and capable manner.  Kevin is clearly the type of individual that you can rely on to get the job done right the first time.

Chief Tim - Manchester, Missouri

"Kevin is simply one of the best trainers in his area of firearms. If you are even 'thinking' about purchasing a firearm, take his course. If you already own a firearm, take his course. From the novice to the pro, it's the best. Well done, Kevin! Thank you for your sharing of great knowledge. Your class was enter-training!!"

Nancy - Town & Country, Missouri

"My wife and I had a joint lesson with Kevin Cummins, a senior instructor; we were interested in a review of the basics regarding use of our handguns. Kevin was very impressive and a pleasure to work with; He is encyclopedic in his knowledge of all things firearm, yet he is a great teacher. That's a rare combination. My wife and I were so impressed we are sending our daughters (currently in college in Chicago) for firearm and pepper spray training.. ."

Joe - Chesterfield, Missouri

"I was very nervous to take the class, but you had a great way of making folks feel at ease.  I found you and your team to be VERY knowledgeable.  I appreciate that you go above and beyond what the state requires.  I know several people that have had CC training and your class seemed more thorough than what they described.  I also appreciated the instructor’s patience at the range.  I’m very glad that you took us there because now I won’t feel intimidated to go by myself.  I feel much more comfortable handling my firearm now.  There was a lot to take in, but you did a good job at hammering home the points that were most important.  After your training, I realize even more, what a tremendous responsibility it is to carry a concealed firearm and I will always respect that."

Susie - Pacific, Missouri


"My son and I attended Kevin's conceal carry class and I highly recommend it to others. My goal was to get a 101 on how to handle and shoot a handgun and this class did that and much more. Kevin is an excellent communicator and had two other experts/instructors in the room so one-on-one help was always an arms length away. If you want the best, this is it."

Jason - Manchester, Missouri


"AFET is a premier school for furthering the skills of instructors.  Not only does one learn the necessary knowledge, but the practical exercises drive home the finer points of instructor-student interaction."

Frank - Evansville, Indiana

The concealed carry course was very detailed, interesting and full of facts.  I left very satisfied.  This was a great course!  The presentation was awesome!

Barb - St. Louis, Missouri


First, wanted to thank you for an outstanding class. Unusual for an instructor to have the ability to make their students feel at home from arrival to departure.  You and your staff pulled this off flawlessly.


I honestly believe the fact that you went a long way in making the class a lot more interesting, intense and therefore kept all of us students focused and attentive.  i know it did for me, as well as for Ben, Bruce and John.  Since we all rode together we discussed the class on the way home and we were all in consensus of this fact.

Richard - Belleville, Illinois


I thought the class was very interesting. I learned quite a bit. I hope to put my training to good use here in the future. Thanks for everything. I will be referring a few friends to you.

Bryan - Cedar Hill, Missouri


Kevin and his team are as professional and competent as you will find anywhere.  They are great folks with whom to work.  Attentive, helpful and totally dedicated to teaching their students.  To a man, his instructors are positive and forward focused, and in my case they went above and beyond the specific training requirements to give me some valuable suggestions and tips.  You will leave a training session with them more confident, more knowledgeable and more proficient!

Mike - Kirkwood, Missouri


"It was an honor to be in your class. It’s also good to know other Scouters, experts, if we have questions pertaining to Scouting and promoting the Shooting sport within Scouting.  Kevin was Awesome! He was passionate, knowledgeable, and had a positive attitude of which made the day go by faster, more enjoyable, with an overall better learning experience. It was also nice to get a fellow Scouter to demonstrate how the material at hand applies to us (concerning the majority of class was Scouters). I highly recommend, as I also hope to be using them further for other training needs."

Ken - Mehlville, Missouri


"Kevin did a great job of making eight hours seem to go by quicker than it was.  A long day but well worth it - Thanks"

Mike - Wildwood, Missouri


"Very glad I took the course.  My knowledge went from zero to very comfortable."

Brian - Town & Coutnry, Missouri


"Very informative for a "newbie"' covered a lot of information in one day - Excellent course - Thank You!!"

Kelli - Palmyra, Missouri


"A very comprehensive course, worth the dive and cost; love the material on the thumb drive!"

Thim - Maryland Heights, Missouri


"Well thought out class that was easily understandable and non-intimidating to the knowledgeable and novice alike.  I have a better understanding of the actual firearm as well as laws and practical information for CCW."

Ken - Washington, Missouri


"VERY WELL DONE!  The course was well delivered and I felt I learned more as the day went on.  Question and answers was very helpful."

Steve - Sunset Hills, Missouri


Thanks to you and Mike for a well done instructor class, picked up lots of good stuff I can use; it was well run and well done.

Mark - Vincent, Alabama


I have taken RSO training and Beginning Pistol / CCW Permitt Class.  I am very pleased with the training I received and look forward to working with Kevin again.

Glenda - Hazelwood, Missouri


Kevin did an outstanding job of creating a not only enjoyable but highly productive learning environment.  Kevin is a true professional which was evident from the moment I arrived, everything was meticulously organized and ready to go.  I would recommend anyone who wishes to learn about firearms or wants to take their training to the next level to Kevin and Advantage Firearms.  I look forward to training and working with Kevin in the future. 

Randy – Crystal City, Missouri


I have attended three of Kevin’s NRA Instructor classes and will attend at least three more.  Kevin is always well organized and uses a “Team Teaching Concept” that I find very informative and challenging.  There is always student participation and lively discussions that encourage involvement from all students.  The class material is presented in a well-structured and organized manner that makes understanding the total concept easy.  I highly recommend Kevin and Advantage!!

Mark – O’Fallon, Missouri


Kevin’s instruction was very well organized and his presentations flowed smoothly. Kevin’s teaching experience provides him with a confident classroom style. Kevin is always seeking input and feedback from his students while he is teaching, so he can personalize each presentation to fit his students’ needs. I highly recommend Kevin for anyone needing firearms training.

Les - Columbia, Missouri


Your concealed carry course was great. I took one from another instructor and while discussing with coworkers found my first class was woefully inadequate. My first course the instructor was boring when he did talk, but mostly played three DVDs; we nearly fell asleep. My friend told me she had taken your course and her description sounded like a professionally run course. After attending, I know firsthand what she meant. I now feel confident carrying concealed after spending a day with you and your instructors.

Ralph - St. Louis, Missouri


Thanks to you and your instructors for presenting the private class at our farm. Being a physician I was somewhat apprehensive about carrying a gun; your class taught us how to safely and responsibly carry a gun. My family has also found a new activity in which we can all participate.

Dr. Richard - Town & Country, Missouri


Wally and I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your organization of the recent NRA Training Counselor Workshop. We realize that you put a lot of effort into getting the class set up and making sure that all of the logistics were covered. We would also like you to pass our thanks on to the staff at Beaumont Scout Reservation and the Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for providing us with such excellent facilities for the event. Wally and I both look forward to working with you in the future.

Eddie - Southfield, Michigan


My wife, Joyce, and I would like to thank you for our Concealed Carry course. I was impressed with the presentation and the degree of detail put into the program. Not only was the course fun, it gave us all the material we needed to make an informed decision about how CC fits into our lifestyles. It was refreshing to have all sides of the CC issue presented in a serious and non-biased manner. Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

Dr. Kevin and JoyceShrewsbury, Missouri


As a PhD and fellow educator, I can appreciate the professionalism and expertise Kevin brings to his classes. As a retired military professional, I can appreciate the results he produces. Having had firearms training every two years for 20 years, I have never had more in-depth and thorough training. This was the BEST firearms training class I have EVER had! Kevin and team are GRRRRRREAT instructors.

Mike - Eureka, Missouri


The instructors I encountered at Advantage were professional, articulate and helpful in their presentation. I considered going somewhere else since they had a lower rate, but I heard numerous bad remarks about their quality of training (or lack thereof and poor attitude of the trainers). Now I know why the other place is so much less – you get what you pay for. I discussed this with Kevin prior to the class. His remarks were limited to only positive statements about the quality of training from Advantage and some of the credentials of the Advantage instructors. Never did he say anything negative about the other trainers. I had my opinions before I met Kevin and the Advantage Team, it was confirmed after meeting these gentlemen that they are men of high integrity and true professional instructors. I can recommend them to anyone and will return for additional classes with Advantage!

George - St. Louis, Missouri

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