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Statistics show 10,000 students are victims

of assault and burglary each year.


It is important to stay protected and put your safety first.


We always wear a safety belt when we are in

a car or plane and have smoke detectors in our home to keep us safe.

Would we get on a plane when it is announced that there are

 no safety instructions, no oxygen masks or personal flotation devices,

even though we will be going over water?

Probably not, and we would start looking for another airline!


Our classes are designed to provide you with

safety information to help make you

aware of your surroundings, avoid and discourage

potential threats and may prevent an attack from occurring.


We are statistically more likely to be a crime victim

than be in a car or plane crash or a house fire.

We all must take charge and be responsible for our own personal safety. 



You must have a plan.

This is part of what we teach in our Campus Safety training classes.


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Campus Safety

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