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The NRA Instructor training courses are approved by the

National Rifle Association (NRA) and conducted by the Certified NRA Training Counselors

of Advantage Firearms Education & Training.

These classes provide instructor candidates with the attitude, skills and knowledge needed to properly instruct beginning students in the specific disciplines in which they are certified.


Instructor candidates completing these courses, and completing the required NRA credentialing process, will achieve a solid foundation for instructing the particular firearm disciplines in which they are certified.


When certified for teaching the basic pistol, rifle or shotgun disciplines, certified instructors can also teach the First Steps courses for those disciplines as well as BSA merit badges counseling and teaching.

All NRA Instructor training courses have the pre-requisite of the Basic Instructor Training course. This course is a six (6) hour classroom-only course, which covers the common firearms instruction techniques, NRA policies and procedures, and other information needed for all instructors to successfully teach firearms training courses.  This
"BIT" class is included in each of our basic instructor courses.  

Becoming an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

is a three-step process.


  1. Take the NRA Basic Instructor Training course, which is valid for a period of one year regardless of how many discipline specific courses you attend.

  2. Complete one or more NRA 'discipline specific' training courses, such as Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Muzzleloading, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Reloading, Refuse To Be A Victim® or Chief Range Safety Officer.

  3. Complete credentialing with the NRA at

Concealed Carry St. Louis, Firearms Training St. Louis
Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home

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Concealed Carry St. Louis, Firearms Training St. Louis
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NRA Instructor Training Classes

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