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Situational Awareness & Avoidance

What Should

I Do?

... if someone confronts me in a parking lot?

...if someone is following me?

...if I came home and found someone was in my house? many other "What Should I Do?" questions.

A serious obstacle to personal safety is an attitude of complacency and fatalism.

"It won't happen to me" and "If it's going to happen, it's going to happen,"


We are here to prepare you - not to scare you!

In our "What Should I Do?" Situational Awareness and Avoidance class,

we'll teach you how to:

• Elevate your level of awareness

• Intimidate and discourage potential personal threats

• Identify and evade criminal testing techniques

• Learn how to use pepper gel the correct way

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Suspicious man following woman in the dark

We come to your place of business or organization

and teach this two hour class in a group setting.

No need to travel! This makes it convenient for your business or organization.

Contact us for more information on class size, cost, registration and any other questions.

Let us help you with your confidence and peace of mind.

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