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Real Estate Professionals

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Our Personal Protection Class Will Teach You
Awareness   l  Avoidance   l  Deployment of Pepper Gel

While working with the public is your job, it comes with many risks.


As you know, these situations include:

• Showing property alone

• Meeting a new client

• Open houses

• Marketing materials with your photo

• Vacant properties

• Driving strangers to see unoccupied property, etc.


A couple of risks we have found from our research, is that many real estate professionals don't carry their phone on their person. They also don't have their purses or personal belonging locked away from sight. A stolen wallet might be inconvenient, but also dangerous, because a criminal has your address and photo, including keys to the house, other family and personal information, and more!


Our class will cover the risks for different situations

and ways in which you can keep yourself safe.

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Shaking Hands with a Potential Threat
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