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Topics covered include personal security in the home, automobile, workplace, cyberspace, parking lots, shopping areas, and general situational awareness.


Classes are also available in less lethal subjects covering Chemical Irritants - OC (Pepper Spray/Gel), Taser®, and unarmed self-defense.


All firearms classes are available to men and women.

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Concealed Carry St. Louis, Firearms Training St. Louis
Concealed Carry St. Louis, Firearms Training St. Louis
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Advantage Firearms Education & Training 

Courses have been specifically designed to introduce women who having minimal exposure

to firearms, to the basic handling skills and practical experience with various firearms of all types.

Each student will be taught the safe and proper loading

and unloading techniques for several different types of firearms.

Women Only Classes

Specific “Women Only” classes are scheduled upon request.

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