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Advantage Firearms Education & Training

We encourage responsible citizens to seek competent instructors well versed in not only the technical use of firearms, but are also well versed in the ramifications of the use of deadly force by a civilian defending themselves or their families in a lawful context. Advantage has experienced and credible trainers with the above holistic attitude who teach with integrity.  Our complex and sometimes violent world causes individuals, as a result of a real and immediate fear triggered by a specific incident, or a reaction to a high-profile acts of violence, to focus on personal responsibility for their safety and seek integrity-based training in the use of firearms and personal defense, a skill that has not been passed on as it was earlier in our history.

Advantage Firearms Education & Training

Provides services throughout Metro St. Louis and the Midwest region.

All instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association, along with other

nationally or internationally accredited agencies. Courses of instruction include:

General Public Training

"What Should I Do?" Situational Awareness

Campus Safety

Crime Prevention – Refuse To Be A Victim®

CCW - Concealed Carry Permit Qualification

Firearms Training Safety and Use

Law Enforcement Training

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Personal Safety - Protection

Pepper Gel Deployment

Private Lessons

Real Estate Agent Safety

Wilderness First Aid

Women’s Programs

KMOX Active Shooter - Mark Reardon
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Certified Instructor Training

•  Pistol 

•  Rifle

•  Shotgun 

•  Personal Protection: Inside and Outside The Home

•  Home Firearm Safety

•  Reloading: Metallic Cartridge and Shotshell

•  Chemical Aerosol Projectors [OC-Pepper Gel]

•  LE Pistol – Rifle – Shotgun

•  LE OC/Chemical Aerosol Projectors Instructor

•  Refuse To Be A Victim®

•  Wilderness First Aid

KMOX Pepper Gel - Charlie Brennan
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Concealed Carry St. Louis, Firearms Training St. Louis
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